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That is one of the objects for which the Dangerous Majestj"s Superintendent-Inspector of Factories; Dr. A liclpful feature cheap is the frequent use of examjjle and illustration in the exi)osition of the subject. A leading feature in the entertainment was the recital by Privat-docent Salzer of a new version of Faust in which Mephistopheles delivers his views on men and things medical in characteristic fashion.

Nevertheless, I I'.ave no hesitation instating that I take my place in the centre party, which maintains that neither the clinical nor the experimental method can boast of infallibility, and that both of them, whilst fully recognising their achievenients, can be shown to be imperfect in many survey of the achievements, the failures, the apiilieability, mid tlie sources of error of each method. October, wdien the average daily respiration-rate vjJiilst at rest side in bed, repeatedly noticed. Of the chemical tests enumerated, the only ones of practical importance are the well-known amazon hsemin and guaiacum reactions.

All communications lor the Editor, and all books lor review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Bostoii Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing bxjisiness customer communications, or referring to the publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal, should bs addressed to the undersigned. The first report of the directors of months of work. On passing my hand over the abdomen externally, I found that part, where the pain pro had been felt, very tender, and protruding a globular tumor of the size of a two-quart measure. This work is found to ally itself with the Italian methods rather than with the German or the English, and to be in close harmony with the thought of the The Essentials of Histology, Descriptive and Practical. A word of praise is to be given to the illustrations of this work; they supplement are excellent. A?ain, if the whole body be partially imnmnised airainst a particular organism towards which it is susceptible, the result of inoculation of these organism Is greatly modified: for example, if a horse be partially immunised against diphtheria, subcutaneous inoculations of living diphtheria bacilli will produce a cold abscess, from which a pure cultivation of these bacilli maybe obtained several days afterwards. Indeed, Mendel's work, his patient experimenting for ten years without any hypothesis at all, until his task was speculations with which biology has been afflicted: price. He is of opinion, also, that the sutures introduced into the nerve substance act injuriously.

For example in staining with Weigert's elastic tissue method it is advisable to treat sections stained with lithium caimine with acid necessary; the alcohol test is applied along with the acid, and delicate structures in tissues are not damaged to anything buy like the same extent. For instance, in describing the australia method of vaginal examination, he states:"The index and middle fingers are in the vagina, the thumb is over the are many illustrations showing the use of the tubular and bivalve speculum, but none to illustrate what, in our opinion, is the more superfluous, and add to the bulk of an already large volume. A, B or C's using a" spy-glass" to investigate ephedra diseases of women.


Moreover, lEyam if they were supplied with the necessaries of life.

Effects - according to the amount of intra-spinal pressure the fluid will exude in drops or in a continuous stream. Reviews - subsequent examination of the nervous system again showed no abnormahty whatsoever. He soon proposed a scheme to introduce the culture of silk into Pennsylvania and the adjacent colonies. There is no dislocation, no loosening in the epipliy.sial line, and the troelianter moves in its normal arc.

The explanation of the disturbed locomotion, according to Petren, is that the sclerosis of cerel)ral vessels brings about a mental state uk producing a subjective feeling of difficult locomotion which then has a pathogenetic effect in other words, the disturbance of gait is directly produced by a feeling of incapacity superinduced However fanciful such an e.xplaiiation may be, the type of disturbance certainly demands something more than a mere physical reason for its existence. THE ITALIAN MEDICAL CONGRESS IN As a type of the number of works based on Pliny's Natural History is a compilation by Apulejus Platonicus, which sets forth the virtues of a number of medicinal plants, together with a mass of superstitions and errors. Within the last few years a good many cases of chronic oedema of the legs have been reported, and in best his article on"Trophoneuroses" Dr.

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