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Treatment must be continued long after the surface has become fairly pale and intact, since vaso-motor weakness and softness of the surface remain for several months. At the same time the punctum may be reinverted by cauterising the conjunctiva just within the tear point.

In this form the food may dynamic be returned to the mouth and remasticated, as is the habit of ruminant animals. There was, as well, tuberculosis, evidently of short duration, as none of the lesions were far advanced and none of the cavities were of an ulcerative character. Granular contracted kidney, the failure in excretion is one mg in the elimination of solids, and not in the discharge of water, and in such cases there are important indications in connection with the daily intake of nitrogenous ingredients. In the old account book of the hospital is the following list of salaries, giving some idea of the staff of the One Brother, belonging to the Lunatics One Sister, belonging to the Lunatics After the foundation of the Hospital, the Medical School was established very shortly by the familiar process of the Surgeons and Physicians taking pupils. The corresponding anterior nerve roots are atrophied, and the muscles are wasted and gradually undergo a fatty and sclerotic change. The scarlet fever germ, for example, whatsoever it may be, is capable of saprophytic growth, as milk epidemics prove, but when widely epidemic, scarlet fever appears to spread almost exclusively by contagion, and its epidemic characters are then practically those of a disease due to an obligatory parasite. Bryson Delavan closed with a paper on which intubation was employed, and in some instances, in which the tube was withdrawn after it had been worn four, five, or six days, it has been necessary to reintroduce it. Starting from the standpoint of health, it may be said that ai a tender age the secretory functions are not fully developed, and the absence of teeth means that food must be aitihcially prepared and almost ready for immediate absorption. In more severe cases we get a decided reduction of sight, the presence of a positive scotoma in. An important point is the absence of definite relation to the meals.


Reviews - years, has there been a greater discussion, and probably a greater division of opinion than concerning the treatment of appendicitis. He leads us next into the deuiled methods of staining and studying malarial blood, and discusses the distribution and transmission of the parasite. It is typical of Professor von Jaksch, and of some of the methods he has been the means of introducing into practical medicine, that the laboratories in connection with the wards should be large, commodious, inviting rooms. It is exactly like tippling; though taken in small doses, a good deal of tobacco can be got through if one smokes all day long. Oxygen seems to have a symptomatic value. Even, in the same artery, the relations of the three layers may vary in different portions of its course. One of my patients, "plus" a very severe case, received no benefit from any treatment until he stopped the use of tobacco, when the pus ceased rather abruptly. If that were done we might dispense with our numerous polyclinics, which are virtually an tm admission that the regular education has been deficient. It is suggested by exchange of medical students between practitioners of similar standing in each country. When permanent the muscles are entirely toneless. Conscience is the great monitor against neglected duty. If a Coroner in the city of New York is to be believed, the majority of them are midwives only in name, and infanticide, feticide, and murder can be justly charged against them. There are extravasations of blood into "nutrition" the various parts or tissues of the body. Van Gieson has shown that in some instances, if not ia all, sunstroke is an acute toxemia. This last result is, however, not invariably obtained, so that Schmidt, in such event, has recourse to the fluid extract of cascara, not in a purgative dose, but in such amount as to replace the excitatory action which is lacking in the products of decomposition. The milk from a cow with tuberculosis of the udder may, as I have shown elsewhere, be highly infective, or only slightly so; and the infectivity is due to the presence of tubercle bacilli in the milk, coming, as in the sputum of pulmonary tuberculosis, from the breaking down of tuberculous lesions. The denseness of the superficial tissues retards spontaneous evacuation, which, however, may take place either raspberry behind the ear or through the postero-superior wall of the In the early stages of the affection a brisk purgative should be given. Many establishments advertise the removal of superfluous hair by electrolysis, and of late, since the Schott-Nauheim treatment for heart disease has been vulgarized, we find rubbers of high and low degree alike recounting the wonderful results accruing from the giving of saline carbonated baths and the application of resistive gymnastics. Ketones - the skin between the pustules was the lower margin of the ribs and on the anterior surfaces of both tibiae were several large furuncles. This is followed by ulceration, with surrounding swelling and induration, involving after a time the tragus, the mastoid tissues, and 800 the auricle. The expectoration in these instances is abundant, thin, and watery; subsequently it becomes thick and turbid.

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