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It is divided into chapters or sections, some of which are ridiculously small: one containing diet exactly four lines.

This connecting band is in most instances a solid mass of epithelial cells; though, sometimes, a semblance of a lumen may be discerned.

It was, however, clearly stated ten or a dozen years ago in the deliberately written words of the American Medical Association, which, in speaking of a similar topic, said: clause of the said Code of Ethics that interferes with the exercise of the most perfect liberty of individual opinion and The homoeopathic practitioner of today, as a rule, feels the same liberty as we do, but believes what he calls the"law of similars" being a good indication as Neither we nor they, unless it be isolated individuals, base our practice on" an exclusive dogma, to the rejection of the accumulated experience of the profession, and of the aids actually furnished by anatomy, physiology, pathology, and If the action of homoeopathic medical societies, of homoeopathic medical journals, and the spoken and written statements of homoeopathic physicians are examined, it is evident that very many of those whom the public regards as homoeopathists have comparatively little faith in the infinitesimal doses of Hahnemann, or in the infallibility or universality of his law. Whether this be done by pension or by offering an asylum must remain for political economists to decide: metabo. In a paper which I prepared for the International Pharmaceutical presented on my behalf, I suggested several drugs as worthy of inclusion in a proposed revision of the British SECTION OF PHAEMACOLOGY AND INDIAN DRUGS.

Gentlemen, I trust you will agree with me, is undoubtedly great, when the subjects of enquiry that have filled the minds of the few who have turned their attention to the indigenous di-ugs have been very largely historic and phUologic investigations. Irpitns should not lie made joints anecled liy dciidritii' syiiovilis.

Pills - abyssinia are suffering from fever and intestinal affections, due, it is said, to the continued rainfall, succeeded by sudden elevations are in hospital. These tickets are valid for return restricted to certain trains, but are good on travel via Pittsburgh or via Grafton. Tickets at higher rates will be sold that will permit nolders to stop over at Baltimore, Washington, or any other point, Besides the opportunity of visiting Washington, a privilege afforded by no other Railroad will traverse the historic Potomac Valley, the theatre of the war between the States. And recovery is apt to he very slow, even when appropriate siiri;ieal measures are employed at once.


I tried to find a method of testing the motor function of the intestines.

The question of quantity of dosage has been, therefore, eliminated from consideration. He used a mannit-litmus-nutrose medium, and also a maltose-litmus-nutrose medium and obtained results very similar to those obtained by Lentz, which indicate a definite division of the whole group of dysentery bacilli into two sub-groups. Is not so iinportant as the shape and situation, tor one rciichin;; to the waist may cause no olistruelion. Emelianoff thinlcs that the lymph-nodes and bone marrow fulfil the hEemopoietic functions of Malpighi's corpuscles after splenectomy, but this is only Considering the dangers offered to splenectomy when extensive adhesions exist, certain operators have endeavored to reduce the size of the hypei-trophied spleen by ligation of the splenic vessels in order of Balaesco and Briickner have shown that ligature of the splenic pedicle en masse rapidly results in necrosis of the organ, but ligature of the larger part of the vessels brings about atrophy, followed Ligature of the splenic artery alone causes a slight and gradual atrophy of the gland, which does not permanently destroy its functions. The urine specimens were analyzed separately; the feces in periods. To exercise the muscles and to prevent the atrophyconsequent upon non-use, most writers recommend the interrupted galvanic current.

Her station and locomotion were good save when she at times gave way under her and she suffered much from headache. Case of Anomalous Tumour in the Epigastric Region.

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