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Tlie futuie of neurological medicine is ))regnant with discoveries in this direction, which will have very practical dogs application. A strong galvanic current gave slow and faint contractions in all the parts.involved the Presbyterian natural Hospital.

The whole fcetus weighed about twelve pounds: treatment. Nail - according to the virulence of the- infectious agent and the nature of the local conditions, the mischief produced by. Not only is the risk of respiratory difficulty in this way overcome, but he is able, by placing his finger upon the outer end of his tube to converse agents with those about him often with considerable success. Ringworm - the skeptic will say that he can let the operator cut and bm-n him if he chooses, and Tjy training he can get so that he will show no reaction. It is impossible to disinfect or even to unload the bowel prior to amputation of the rectum, even after days or weeks spray of ettoTt, Secondly, an abdominal artificial anus ia very much more U'nder control, and can be cleansed Very much better than a sacral aoius. Matthew," that this is' conservative surgery' in the wrong direction." We cannot, however, dismiss the question without calling to mind one of the triumphs of conservative surgery, in the case of a private skin soldier upon whom the operation of resection and removal of the head and a large portion of the shaft of the We saw this man after his return to England; and the writer was present when he was examined by Guthrie, then fast sinking into the grave, who seemed to derive great satisfaction from contemplating the success of an operation which he had advocated twenty years before.

At the outbreak of the war, senior students of medicine were allowed to complete their rash course. That thyrotomy would prove the best method of dealing with many of them there is little doubt, if we knew how thrush to prevent recurrence.

Fungal - nine of the ticks dipped in the oxidized dip observation undipped.

The connective tissue of the "worse" medullary portion of the pyramids was in a state of hyaline swelling.

In the above instructive cases, I never observed a marked paralysis of the extensors before other groups of muscles (of).

The cavities cicatrize, or become surrounded by fibrous tissue walls; the tubercular masses become cheesy, or anti calcareous, and surrounded by a fibrous tissue capsule.

I have heard that the Health Department proposes to stamp out the typhus-fever poison by thoroughly dismfecting the houses in which it has occurred, but intend to allow the people to remain in counter the same apartments during their disinfection; if that be all they will do, I feel pretty certain they will fail in their intentions. Back to San Jacinto we went, arriving just in, time for a good country dinner at the over Farmer Houee. Yersin, announces that in they believe that they have identified the microbe of diphtheria.

In addition to this, the curve-tension of the foetus has here a very powerful effect: cr.


" for TAe Inhibitory Action of Litterim" (igS pagts) may bt had upon application to the Manufacturers Locust and Twenty-first Streets ST. On section, available the cut surface presents a peculiar smooth glistening appearance, owing to which the name" lardaceous" was applied to this condition. Adhesions around the hepatic veins near their entrance into the inferior vena makes cava. " Past a doubt," The former said,"this case is nearly ended; There's not a chance." The latter trusted still In physic's aid; but while the twin concocters The patient died from this attack of doctors (antifungals).

This not only diminishes the size of the presenting reclear parts, but the half-breech readily adapts itself within the lower segment of the uterus, and prevents the cord from again becoming prolapsed. Tactile sensibility was diminished to an equal extent in the cutaneous surface india of both lower limbs. Regularly "cream" conducted, there are being given Advanced Special Courses in The Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Departments now occupy a separate New School, wilb uneqnaied (aciiities and Practically all courses are continued throughout the Summtr Station, June i to October i. Probably, then, it is infection the lowering of the temperature which induces multipUcation, although it does not necessarily follow that this is in any way correlated with the removal of the trypanosomes by a biting fly. Cube the onehimdredth part of a metre, and you have the measure of the quantity of distilled water at maximum density that weighs one gram, which gives the unit of weight (pills).

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