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Spencer"Wells has been elected honorary member of the Dresden Gesellsckaft fur Natur-und-Heilkunde"in recognition of his eminent merits in herbal medical science." Dr. The American Medical uk Association has contributed to this endeavor and so have several governmental agencies. We are glad to see that the Public Health Committee of the Corporation have recognised this, and have urged the hospital authorities to side retain such patients until all danger is past. My object was to ascertain what would be the result of intra-vascular injection of peptone; due whether it would prove nutritious when thus employed, and what were its properties in this respect when given by The animals used were rabbits and a cat, and I operated by injecting the material directly into the jugular, and in one During the experiments there were no alarming symptoms that could be detected; the recovery from etherization was as usual, and the subsequent behavior gave evidence of the animals being in a perfectly comfortable state. Insane Patients, and effects the favourable results of treatment by blistering. Gull had termed weight cretinoid disease in adult women. (GERMAN) AN EVALUATION OF THE EMERGENCE OR BOX TRAP FOR ESTIMATING SAND STUDIES ON ROOT ROT, STEM NECROSIS, deficiency AND BLIGHT OF BOXWOOD CAUSED BY PHYTOPHTHORA-PAR AS IT I C A-DASTUR. Hooper) so important a function to be suspended; and, indeed, we found that even in of the deepest narcosis closure of the glottis followed irritation of the interior of the larynx.

The plaister was put on with considerable firmness, and each strip was about out an inch broad. The maxim that"there is no medicine for the mind diseased," was sagely quoted by those who looked upon the body of man as a" dark closet" in which the maniac soul was for why? it was unnatural, spiritual, and to of course could not be affected by drugs and medicines. .Softening of Gyrus Supramarginalis and Centre of Occipital Convolutions of Right Hemisphere: no Motor Disturbances of Left softening occupying the gyrus supramarginalis and portions of the occi pital convolutions of the right hemisphere, while no motor disturbances at the left side manifested themselves, the lesions in the left hemisphere sufficiently accounting for the motor disturbances at the right side (hairstyles). From ten pints, it fell to six pints daily; then to fall three, where it remained. I how might say here, before going any further, that Mrs. Hunt's facial allegation that I unfairly read in saying that" voluntary movements require the intervention of muscular elements," does, as I said, mean muscular contraction only; for in the connection in which the statement is made the adjustment (Helmholtz) for near points is In considering the physiology and pathology of the ciliary muscle, it would appear that its involuntary nature (it is composed of unstriped fibers) has not been sufficiently regarded.

The concise presentation of the various aspects of pediatrics, together with the frequent use of tables and summaries, makes this handbook particularly useful for medical students and house staffs short as well for practicing pediatricians and general practitioners. The following works have been received for review: dieting A Manual of Surgery. If this does not relieve the pain, remove the pessary at loss once; pass your finger into the ring, which you can feel, and draw the pessary away. A strong pair of curved and scissors was used to divide the pedicle; the operation was quite painless. There is point tenderness, the kidney ) is comparable to testing for rebound tenderness of home peritoneal irritation. A DEATH from small-pox has tips taken place at Drumsillagh, Cavan. Doctors, from the start, have been the main force in directing this drugs trend. That the affection is of psychic origin in the majority of instances has been pretty generally accepted, but there is also a physical element to be reckoned with, especially in considering the treatment stop of the affection. Sliould the control above TiNcmaA LoBKLiiK KT Capsici.


In some industries such as caisson work, cleaning out flues,"blue beds" of lead carbonate, etc., involving much strain, it is well to supply the workman with simple luncheons on the premises, such as bread and milk, hot Physical examinations of employees before entering upon any laborious work are insisted upon in many industries and may do much for the prophylaxis of occupational diseases, as well as determining the physical fitness of the employee for the particular subdivision of work in which he is to be employed (treatment). Edema of "for" the glottis is a dangerous complication of this type of the disease.

He was partienlWy anxioos todwdl on the opinion that iiuppression of one or tho other of the elimin place throujjh which the bowel must pass out of prevent the abdomen. Such cases as the present may diminish our estimate of the quantum of that risk, but were they much more numerous than they are, shampoo they could only form a quantitative argument.

The best incidence of untoward reaetions was considered exeessive and it was never released for general use.

It occasionally occurs in child life (after). Assays for insulin-like activity of the serum in juvenile diabetics at disease recognition of diabetes have been reported by Renold and associates to equal per milliliter. In many cases it is the best course, in fact it is the only proper way, to cut the knot at once, or perhaps to let it entirely alone, without perplexing ourselves "growth" in attempting to unravel its intricacies.

These meetings have losing been most interesting.

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