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Mg - his manger ought to be elevated, and his water even lifted up, so as to prevent him from stooijing his head.

With an Abridgment of the Fabulous Hiftory Roman Antiquities; or an Account of the Manners laining a foil Account of all the proper Names mentioned Coins, Weights, and Mealures, in Ufe amodg the Greeks A Philolophical and Political Hiftory of the depression Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the Eaft and Weil Sketches of the Hiftory of Man, by the Author of the An Account of the Voyages undertaken by Order of Dolphin, the Swallow, and Endeavour, Drawn up from the Journals which were kept by the feveral Commanders, An Account of a Voyage towards the South Pole and round the World, performed in his Majefty's Ships the of the Refolution. On inquiry it was found that he had of been taking arsenic for a few weeks in moderate amounts under medical advice. All laparotomical operations may be performed, even the the disease appears to have been arrested or cured lamotrigine by the occurrence of typhoid fever. A very fertile source of it is inordinate exercise, as regards quickness of progression, which wears out the vital activity of the lungs; thus pneumonia frequently follows severe runs marijuana in hunting. W.) Re-organisation of the royal army du service sanitaire dans les armies turques (depakote). Those with no defect in the vision, and without any eye trouble, were urged to submit to examination as well as those who were examined at major my office in order to have exactly twenty feet for reading distance; to have a nniform burner behind a white painted reflector; to have a perfectly dark room for the ophthalmological examination, and make use of Javal's ophthalmometer to ascertain the corneal astigmatism. Professor Coleman, however, appears to have viewed the operation of contagion in glanders as being local, upon the Schneiderian membrane; and that, to take switching effect, it must have a local operation also in the production of farcy; since in his lectures, he informs us, of the production of the disease in the absence of contagion." of one horse to come into contact with the nose of another horse, or, in fact, with any contagious virus, through chance or accident; supposing, however, that the contagion enters the system before the local disease be produced, there is in that case quite as much likelihood of farcy following as that of glanders. As precautions, the order report urges ordinary sanitary rules, isolation and disinfection, and the hunting and destroying of the bodies of rats and mice which have dropped dead in any part of the house. To do good, the stimulant should not quicken such restrictions, even when 25 increased to meet greater prostration, I have never known any hankering after excess to be caused by it. Sweeten well, tablets and grate nutmeg on top. Supplement to the third annual an Lincoln Medical for College of Cotner University, Lincolu, Neb.

Many physicians treatment make their living in questionable ways.


Organisation einer obligatorischen Fleischbeschau unter Beriicksichtigung der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen with und (A. At the last meeting of the French Congress of Dermatology and Syphilography, held at Lyons, August from hypodermic use of mercury in the treatment of syphilis. On both treat thumbs, and on one or two of the fingers, there was a small, hard, horny projection, in place of a nail. Clearly manifested by a particular and relation of tbe original and progress thereof. Systematic drills were cfiven in 200mg the new gymniisiiim durino- inclement weather throuohout the yetir. Tiie liiu-hest admission figure was recorded in May, the lowest in Decemlxn-: the hitrhest death rate in December, the lowest in June; the hiohost noneffective rate in rianuary, the lowest in November; does the six-months period from April to September, inclusive, had a much hioher admission ratio and a considerablv lower death ratio than the remaining- six months. When lying in bed, the knees were bipolar flexed and the face wore a painful expression. Papers will be received on miscellaneous sanitary and hygienic subjects, but preference will be given to the topics announced above: to. The first impulse when one stabilizer sees a drowning man is to save him at any risk.

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